This Stinks!

What bothers me the most about coming home,Saudi Arabia, is the way people drive here. I can not stand the way people drive. I am not saying that I am the most awesome driver in the world but at least I know how to follow rules.

The driving rules in Saudi Arabia are horrible. I wonder what do they teach these men in driving school. They don’t know how to drive in a straight line, don’t know how to stop at a four road crossing and always run red lights. It is horrible to see it. No wonder we have the highest accident rates in the world. But honestly

I don’t blame the men for driving this way, our police officers have not set rules for them. They were not taught the proper way to drive. It Stinks! You see a police officer driving the same way everyone else does and you expect them to obey the law.

There are laws that are set. I did not know that until I looked them up. Now they are trying to set up check points and catch speeders but that is not enough.  Police officers need to obey the rules and enforce them on others so our country can be a safer place to drive. Just crossing the street scares the jeebies out of me.

What can they do to enforce this law? There should be more police officers out on the road, making sure that people are following rules. It is not enough just to have check points. What about broken tail lights, people not using their headlights or people cutting in front of people at an intersection? How are we supposed to fix that? What should be done to make Saudi Arabia streets better?

Oh you know the funny thing, when Saudis go to other Arab countries they obey the law. They don’t speed, they use their signals when turning, and they don’t cut traffic. Why can’t Saudis do that in their own country and set a good example?!!!

This stinks! It really does!


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Sometimes PEOPLE make me MAD!

I come from a diverse background. My mother is American and my father is Saudi. I feel like I have the best of both worlds. I speak two language, Arabic and English, as well as writing and reading in both languages. I grew up learning that people come from different backgrounds that we are not all Arabs but the world is diverse with more than 1,000 different cultures and backgrounds.

The reason for this blog  is that I am furious with people. Sometimes people make me mad when they think they are better than others. I grew up with the knowledge that we are equal. Black, white, red, blue or green we are all the same. Other than color being from Saudi Arabia doesn’t make me any better than being an American or Indian or German. We are all the same we are all equal.

People talk about how coming to America is the best thing that ever happened to them. It is the land of opportunity; the land of freedom. The land of diverse people and religions. I agree with most of what is said but differ in some views.  Americans are known for being charitable and thoughtful of others but sometimes you run into a few knuckle heads that make you mad.

I was walking out of the university library with my sister and cousin. We are all Saudi the only thing is you wouldn’t know that me and my sister were because we don’t look Arab. We got our looks from our mother. Anyways, my cousin wears the scarf around her head. As we were walking to the car, a truck with boys pass by and say the most hateful thing that I have ever heard someone ever say to me, my sister and cousin. One of the boys said,” Get the F*** out of my country.” I was shocked and hurt by that. You can’t tell that I am Saudi but still that really hurt. How people can be so ignorant to say stuff like that. I know there is hatred and igonrance around the world but still you just don’ t say that someone. My momma always told me if I don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

It just shows you even being in a diverse university where there is more than 100 countries represented there is still ignorance and hatred towards ALIENS! as some people my call us.

I am proud to be Saudi and an American but sometimes when people act like that you become ashamed of who you are or where you come from.

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One Message Does Not Fit All

 The concept or idea of Public Relations (PR) has different connotations around the world. These are often much different than the perceptions of PR in the United States. In China, Western professionalism and ideology has swept into Chinese businesses, but the Chinese retain their cultural values by using what they like to call “harmony” in dealing with clients. This means there is a harmonious relationship between the “ruler”, the company or organization, and the “subjects”, the clients. The success or failure of this relationship depends on this harmony. This requires that people follow and accept rituals when relating to others to try to reduce conflicts that are created by a social state.

Until recently, Saudi Arabia’s PR firms were not considered to be an important aspect in a company. Most companies thought it unnecessary to promote their companies through public relations or the media. However after the September 11, 2001 attacks when 15 out of the 19 terrorists who attached the United States were Saudi, this all changed. The government wanted to improve its country’s reputation and hired foreign PR firms to change the image of Saudi Arabia. PR has begun to play an important role within the Saudi government and Saudi companies. Leaders now contemplate the role of PR firms in conveying their company, corporation, or organization’s message to the public. It is a new concept in Saudi Arabia that hasn’t been perfected. They are still working on the glitches. 

The difference among PR firms in the United States, China and Saudi Arabia is that they each have their own system of the way things work. These differences can be based on cultural or societal norms. In the States, PR is more of a “get to the business point” type of relationship. In China, PR is based on a harmonious relationship that you either pass or you fail. In Saudi Arabia, PR is still mapping a direction; the system hasn’t been perfected yet. Each country has developed a way of “doing business” and conveying their message to their client that best fits their culture as they see fit. One message does not fit all.


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Twitter This Twitter That!

Twitter this twitter that! When does it end?

On Chelsea Latley Show, she talks about Twitter with a guest on her show. It started on how everyone has twitter than it went on to giving Twitter different names. I wonder how long is Twitter going to last?

Every where you hear about Twitter and how great it is and how it is easy to use, but I wonder will some new techonolgy come out that will over ride Twitter. We all thought that Facebook was awsome and better than MySpace but now you see Twitter everywhere. Movie starts, singers, businessmen, even grandmothers are getting on twitter to keep up with what their loved ones are doing.

In the states, you see companies using to network between people and see what the latest thing is. In the Middle East, talking mostly in Saudi Arabia, Twitter is a fad that hasn’t started there yet. You ask people what is and their answers are always WHAT?!! But Facebook was the same thing. About probably three or four years ago, Facebook has taken a place in Saudi Arabia. It is the biggest soccial network that people use. Local businesses are now getting on Facebook to promote their products. I wonder how long will it take them to figure out Twitter? Will they accept Twitter or will it be like MySpace?

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Leverage Social Media in Job Search

On April 14, VisualCV is holding  a webnair to learn how to use online social media in your job search. It will show you how to use your time when you use LinkedIn, which they now have a link from VisualCV to linekIn that you can uploead your resume through there, show you how to use Twitter and other social media outlets.

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Hog Hunting

Its muddy, spells like poop and feels yucky to walk on. It is the pasture that I walked to go hog hunting. It was gross and all I wanted to do afterward was take a shower.

I woke up that day at my grandmother’s house to the smelling of breakfast. It was a good day so far. I got a call from my uncle asking me if I wanted to go hog hunting. I accepted. I didnt know what I was getting myself into.

He picks me up and off we go hunting. We first arrive at a gas station where we meet up with a few of my unlces friends. We were supposed to stay at the station for about 10 minutes. It took us about an hour before we left to go hunting. Men are worse than girls when they start to chat and never stop thats what happened.

As we finally moved along the road, we ended up outside of a small town where Carrie Underwood (Checotah)  is from. They litterally have a sign outside of the town with her name and American Idol 2005. Everytime I saw that I laughed it just looked funny to me.

We drove on a dirt road for a while until we stopped infront of someones land. I didn’t know who it was neigther did my uncle but his friend knew the guy. So, of course the guys step out and start to talk to each other and it takes us another hour before we start moving again.

We drive into the pasture and its kind of a bunoy road. It wasnt too bad except when I spilled a drink on me. HAHA! My cousins were laughing so hard that coke came out of their nose. It was somehting stupid to laugh about but they enjoyed the laugh.

Anywho, we got there and got out of the trucks, everyone starts unloading their gear. The dogs are out of their caages, there is rope everywhere and everyone has their mud shoes on. The dogs were let loose to sniff out the scene and on we go. We start walking searching for hogs following the dogs where ever they went. It was a workout.

We kept walking for about an hour or so with no luck in finding a hog. In the end, they all gave up on finding a hog. We walked everywhere and didnt find a single hog. It would have been a good workout without the stinky and yuckiness.

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Saudi Arabia and Social Media

               I have been researching and reading a lot of information over social media in Saudi Arabia. I have a lot of negative information regarding that. One article I read about a social media tool (Facebook) was distrubing. A father killed his own daughter for having a Facebook account. I was disturbed but not shocked.

             The way Saudi culture is that men and women are segregated from each other. They are not allowed to interact with each other unless it is in the work place. Even then, they have offices just for women and offices just for men. It is part of our religion and culture. So, when he found out about his daughter talking to men on line and on Facebook, he went crazy and killed. I have heard worse stories about families doing that to their daughters because of the Internet. The older genration in Saudi Arabia don’t understand or don’t want to that things are changing within the country. Technology has become part of their children’s world. They don’t want to do that. They like to be stuck with their own traditions and it causes a lot of problems within the country.

           Hopefully things will change. King Abdullah is trying to improve the country by hiring a woman as the ministry of education which shocked everyone. It is going to take time but I know we can do it.

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