Difference Between Arabs and Americans

فبراير 9, 2009 at 5:31 ص أضف تعليق

The way Arabs and Americans behave is different. If an American were at a conference or some where where a speech was being presented they know better than to speak out loud and distrup the speaker. Arabs on the other hand don’t know better so far as I can tell. I am talking mostly about Saudi’s. I am a Saudi but I know better than to speak while someone is giving a speech. Friday was the day I spoke infront of the Saudi Cultural Attache. It was a great honor to represent women in Saudi Arbia but the entire time people were giving speeches me included you can hear in the background people talking and in Arabic. So, you know its not Americans. This is something I have noticed about Saudis and is different than Americans. I am not saying that they are like that but a majority are. It is something that annoys me and would like to see change. If a speaker is talking please be quiet and let them speack or leave the room.

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How people preseve women in Saudi Arbia

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