How people preseve women in Saudi Arbia

فبراير 11, 2009 at 8:02 م أضف تعليق

The minisrty of Education for Saudi Arabia is coming to UCO this Friday as well as the govonor or former govonor of Oklahoma I’m not sure. So, the Saudi Student Association at UCO is having an exihbition as well as speakers to talk to people about Saudi Arbia. It is open to everyone. Anyways, I was asked to be a guest speaker and talk about women in Saudi Arbia and how people  preseve women. I already have my speech written and I am hoping that I can send the message across to people that women in Saudi Arbia have rights just as women in America or any where else in world. Women are not forced to marry like people beleive and they don’t walk 10 feet behind their men. People might think that women there are treated unfailry but if they knew that women were CEO’s of companies, journalists, pilots or even work for the Royal family, people’s thoughts would be different. I hope my speech can convey that on Friday.

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