Henna Tattooes

فبراير 25, 2009 at 4:37 ص أضف تعليق

Where did Henna originate? It is a plant that gorws in Southern Asia, Africa and Northern Australia. It is used in the Mediterranean as boday art. It is said that Muslims, Hindu, Jews, Christians and other religions have used Henna as a form of body art at weddings. Brides as well as some grooms use Henna. It is believed in some cultures that it brings luck and happiness to a marriage.

The brides have the most complicated drawing of Henna on their hands and feet. In some cultures like the Middle East, the bride has her Henna done a day in advance. They call it a Henna party where all of her closests friends and family come together and have Henna done. I enjoy having Henna done just for fun. I think it is a beautiful art and people should experience more of it.

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Make-a- Wish Saudi Arabia and Social Media

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