Hog Hunting

مارس 23, 2009 at 10:43 م أضف تعليق

Its muddy, spells like poop and feels yucky to walk on. It is the pasture that I walked to go hog hunting. It was gross and all I wanted to do afterward was take a shower.

I woke up that day at my grandmother’s house to the smelling of breakfast. It was a good day so far. I got a call from my uncle asking me if I wanted to go hog hunting. I accepted. I didnt know what I was getting myself into.

He picks me up and off we go hunting. We first arrive at a gas station where we meet up with a few of my unlces friends. We were supposed to stay at the station for about 10 minutes. It took us about an hour before we left to go hunting. Men are worse than girls when they start to chat and never stop thats what happened.

As we finally moved along the road, we ended up outside of a small town where Carrie Underwood (Checotah)  is from. They litterally have a sign outside of the town with her name and American Idol 2005. Everytime I saw that I laughed it just looked funny to me.

We drove on a dirt road for a while until we stopped infront of someones land. I didn’t know who it was neigther did my uncle but his friend knew the guy. So, of course the guys step out and start to talk to each other and it takes us another hour before we start moving again.

We drive into the pasture and its kind of a bunoy road. It wasnt too bad except when I spilled a drink on me. HAHA! My cousins were laughing so hard that coke came out of their nose. It was somehting stupid to laugh about but they enjoyed the laugh.

Anywho, we got there and got out of the trucks, everyone starts unloading their gear. The dogs are out of their caages, there is rope everywhere and everyone has their mud shoes on. The dogs were let loose to sniff out the scene and on we go. We start walking searching for hogs following the dogs where ever they went. It was a workout.

We kept walking for about an hour or so with no luck in finding a hog. In the end, they all gave up on finding a hog. We walked everywhere and didnt find a single hog. It would have been a good workout without the stinky and yuckiness.


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