Twitter This Twitter That!

أبريل 28, 2009 at 4:00 م أضف تعليق

Twitter this twitter that! When does it end?

On Chelsea Latley Show, she talks about Twitter with a guest on her show. It started on how everyone has twitter than it went on to giving Twitter different names. I wonder how long is Twitter going to last?

Every where you hear about Twitter and how great it is and how it is easy to use, but I wonder will some new techonolgy come out that will over ride Twitter. We all thought that Facebook was awsome and better than MySpace but now you see Twitter everywhere. Movie starts, singers, businessmen, even grandmothers are getting on twitter to keep up with what their loved ones are doing.

In the states, you see companies using to network between people and see what the latest thing is. In the Middle East, talking mostly in Saudi Arabia, Twitter is a fad that hasn’t started there yet. You ask people what is and their answers are always WHAT?!! But Facebook was the same thing. About probably three or four years ago, Facebook has taken a place in Saudi Arabia. It is the biggest soccial network that people use. Local businesses are now getting on Facebook to promote their products. I wonder how long will it take them to figure out Twitter? Will they accept Twitter or will it be like MySpace?


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