One Message Does Not Fit All

أبريل 29, 2009 at 1:27 ص أضف تعليق

 The concept or idea of Public Relations (PR) has different connotations around the world. These are often much different than the perceptions of PR in the United States. In China, Western professionalism and ideology has swept into Chinese businesses, but the Chinese retain their cultural values by using what they like to call “harmony” in dealing with clients. This means there is a harmonious relationship between the “ruler”, the company or organization, and the “subjects”, the clients. The success or failure of this relationship depends on this harmony. This requires that people follow and accept rituals when relating to others to try to reduce conflicts that are created by a social state.

Until recently, Saudi Arabia’s PR firms were not considered to be an important aspect in a company. Most companies thought it unnecessary to promote their companies through public relations or the media. However after the September 11, 2001 attacks when 15 out of the 19 terrorists who attached the United States were Saudi, this all changed. The government wanted to improve its country’s reputation and hired foreign PR firms to change the image of Saudi Arabia. PR has begun to play an important role within the Saudi government and Saudi companies. Leaders now contemplate the role of PR firms in conveying their company, corporation, or organization’s message to the public. It is a new concept in Saudi Arabia that hasn’t been perfected. They are still working on the glitches. 

The difference among PR firms in the United States, China and Saudi Arabia is that they each have their own system of the way things work. These differences can be based on cultural or societal norms. In the States, PR is more of a “get to the business point” type of relationship. In China, PR is based on a harmonious relationship that you either pass or you fail. In Saudi Arabia, PR is still mapping a direction; the system hasn’t been perfected yet. Each country has developed a way of “doing business” and conveying their message to their client that best fits their culture as they see fit. One message does not fit all.



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