This Stinks!

أكتوبر 12, 2010 at 10:21 ص أضف تعليق

What bothers me the most about coming home,Saudi Arabia, is the way people drive here. I can not stand the way people drive. I am not saying that I am the most awesome driver in the world but at least I know how to follow rules.

The driving rules in Saudi Arabia are horrible. I wonder what do they teach these men in driving school. They don’t know how to drive in a straight line, don’t know how to stop at a four road crossing and always run red lights. It is horrible to see it. No wonder we have the highest accident rates in the world. But honestly

I don’t blame the men for driving this way, our police officers have not set rules for them. They were not taught the proper way to drive. It Stinks! You see a police officer driving the same way everyone else does and you expect them to obey the law.

There are laws that are set. I did not know that until I looked them up. Now they are trying to set up check points and catch speeders but that is not enough.  Police officers need to obey the rules and enforce them on others so our country can be a safer place to drive. Just crossing the street scares the jeebies out of me.

What can they do to enforce this law? There should be more police officers out on the road, making sure that people are following rules. It is not enough just to have check points. What about broken tail lights, people not using their headlights or people cutting in front of people at an intersection? How are we supposed to fix that? What should be done to make Saudi Arabia streets better?

Oh you know the funny thing, when Saudis go to other Arab countries they obey the law. They don’t speed, they use their signals when turning, and they don’t cut traffic. Why can’t Saudis do that in their own country and set a good example?!!!

This stinks! It really does!


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Sometimes PEOPLE make me MAD!

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