Saudi Arbia is being shaken

You might have read the article I posted on Twitter if you didn’t I’ll post it here  but have you heard how King Abdullah is changing Saudi Arbia. People have been in shock of what he has done. Assigning a woman to be the minister of education; that is a great honor for a woman in Saudi Arabia since you don’t see much of them on boards or councils. He has also replaced (fired) a Sheikh member of the Shura council. This is something huge for Saudi Arbia. You would not expect something like that. But King Abdullah wants change in the country and I believe he is doing something good. It will take time before his plans for the future of Saudi Arabia to fully come in true but I think he will do great things. He has already accomplished a great deal in Saudi Arbia by sending students abroad to study in the fields they want and to educate them more to help give a better future for our country. This is only the begining and there is more to come.

Here is the link if you havn’t read it. There is also an article on CNN.


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